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- We have an exceptionally diverse collection of photos ranging from everyday subjects and nature photos to more extraordinary photographic expression. Each photo has clearly stated, affordable prices to make purchasing easier. There are also many Royalty Free photos available.

- To speed up finding the photos, we have a great search functionality and the photo collection is divided into themes. Our special themes include the Baltic Sea, Lapland and Environment.

- Vastavalo, the most popular photographer community and photo agency in Finland, provides photographers the possibility to develop their skills.

Photo agency

Vastavalo photo agency has been in operation since 2004. We are a stable and very popular service and we have an increasing number of international customers. In Finland our clients include all major media houses, public offices, advertising agencies and hundreds of small businesses. Our photos are priced in a simple way and no registration is needed to buy them. This way ordering is made easy and normal invoicing is possible. We have a swift service, if necessary we'll deliver 24/7!

One of the cornerstones of our service is the continual development and improvement of our photographers. This is possible because is a community in which every photographer strives to achieve excellence through discussions and evaluation of each others` work as well as their own. Our photographers are also benefiting from this, since their share of the image sales is among the best in the business. is run by Vastavalo Media, VAT-number: 1853204-8

Executive producer: Mikko Paartola - mikko.paartola [at]

Board of photographers:

Mikko Paartola (chairman)
Ari Andersin
Reijo Nenonen
Lasse Ansaharju
Jaakko Vähämäki

Sales and inquiries: vastavalomedia [at]

Invoicing and inquiries: vastavalomedia [at]

General matters: info [at] Photo Agency - Vuotie 61 A 7, 00990 Helsinki, Finland tel. +358 44 040 8068